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About 6 months ago, I ran my very first contest.  I was very nervous at first.  I really didn’t think a lot of people would enter the contest.  Boy was I WRONG!  I had an amazing response, over 100 entries in the contest.  Contestants were from Florida, Atlanta, Mississippi, all the way to California!  Our first winner, was very aggressive with her votes!  She collected over 300 likes and comments!  

Here are a few shots from the photoshoot of the winner of the contest, Kameo King.  She chose to do a bridal shoot.  The photoshoot was held in Hattiesburg, Mississippi new the Hattiesburg Train Depot.  She brought along her friend Crystal to help.  We had a blast at the photoshoot.  Kameo tied the know several weeks later!  Congrats Kameo!

Please be on the lookout for my next contest!  I hope to make it even better!

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